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Dale believes that golf is a game for everyone to play and enjoy.  With his advanced knowledge in biomechanics he is able to help golfers find their optimal swing while working within their constraints.  He focuses his instruction on several aspects of the game:


  • Full swing

  • Short game

    • Chipping

    • Pitching

    • Greenside sand play

  • Putting

    • Including green reading 

  • Course management

  • Club fitting/equipment

  • Physical conditioning

  • Nutrition for golf

  • Mental coaching


Dale believes that as individuals we each have our own goals, needs, time constraints, ablility and physical limitations.  Using state-of-the-art technology, Dale customizes a plan for your maximum improvement.  He will only change necessary swing components to maximize ball flight changes and to directly influence the golfer's ability to be consistent, efficient and to prevent injury.  


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