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TECHNOLOGY | Swing Analysis

Dale uses the TrackMan 4, the latest in ground breaking radar club and ball tracking technology. Tracking the movement of the clubhead at impact and the flight of the ball through the air, this performance enhancing data allows you to see what is really happening as you contact the ball. The powerful combination of data, video and overlay graphics is an indispensable feature in mapping the swing DNA, allowing us to compare feel versus real while accelerating the learning curve.

Dale uses the V1 Pro HD  Software package along with 4 video cameras to allow golfers to see and understand their swing motions from up to four different angles at the same time.  Once the student is able to visually understand the difference between the "feel" and "real" motions of the golf swing, the golfer will be able to adjust the swing motion and begin to build corrections into what is often referred to as "muscle memory."  


Swing files can be saved and/or emailed for future comparison.  You will be able to see and understand you swing and swing improvements like never before.

Dale uses the Science and Motion PuttLab, the most accurate putting training and diagnostic system on the market. The latest version of the  PuttLab allows us to measure up to 28 variable in your putting stroke to within 0.1*. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop and see improvements with immediate feedback. Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for a better, more efficient and more consistent putting stroke.

Did you know that over 90% of all golfers are using putters that don’t fit them?  Have you ever wondered if you are using the right putter or if your putter has the correct loft, lie, weight and grip size?  Using the Science and Motion PuttLab comparison tool, we can compare putters, fit you for the proper putter including head design, loft, lie angle, grip size and putter length.  Why guess when you can assess?  Start make more putts today.



The “SteelClub” Iron Bending Machine


The “SteelClub Iron Bending Machine” is a precision gauge for measuring the bending the loft and lie angles of irons.  These angles influence your shot’s distance, shape, trajectory, consistency and even divot depths.  Having your golf clubs set to your individual specifications is essential for playing your best golf.

The Tour Gauge Putter Bending Machine


The “Tour Gauge” Putter Bending Machine is the number one used putter loft and lie bending machine on the PGA Tour.  Make more putts by making sure your putter is set properly for your stroke.  You wouldn’t buy a driver without checking for the correct loft, shaft flex, length and hosel setting.  Make sure your putter fits you too.

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