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TECHNOLOGY | TrackMan4 Launch Monitor

TrackMan 8iron Ball Flight.jpg

Do you know why your golf ball behaves the way it does?  With the use of the latest technology in launch monitors, the TrackMan 4, Doppler radar based ball and club tracking information you will now be able to understand the exact impact conditions that are causing your errant shots.  This sophisticated unit makes understanding your swing and ball flight easier than ever before and simplifies making changes to your swing.  With instant feedback improvement has never been so dramatic and achieved so quickly.  


Shot statistics can be saved and stored for future comparison.  


If you desire consistency in ball flight, you need to know what the key club elements are at impact.  The TrackMan4 ball tracking system uses Doppler radar to track up to 24 unique measurements of club, ball and swing data.  


Why guess what is causing errant shots when you can use the TrackMan to see exactly what causes each shot?


Each shot you hit can be analyzed using the easy to understand display.  Shot statistics can be saved and compared to future data to show improvement.  Improvement is the name of the game and with instant feedback, the learning curve is accelerated.  You will see how much further, straighter and more consistently you will hit the ball after just one lesson.

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