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Congratulations to Dale for being named a 2015 GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional and becoming TrackMan Certified.

2013 Southwest Section PGA Teacher of the Year

2008 Southern California PGA Teacher of the Year

 Dale Abraham, PGA Professional, has been a teacher, coach and mentor to professional golfers, beginning golfers, recreational golfers, men, women, senior and junior golfers for more than 19 years and has taught more than 35,000 golf lessons, countless clinics and multi-day schools.  

Dale uses the latest in technology (FlightScope, JC Video Analysis and the Science and Motion Putt Lab) which allows him to quickly and accurately diagnose students' swing faults as well as make changes more rapidly.

Dale's passion for golf extends beyond the lesson tee.  He has trained other PGA and LPGA Professionals as well as played the game at the 

highest levels.  His playing history allows him to uniquely understand what you, the golfer, goes through each and every time you play this wonderful game, no matter what your level.

Dale's unique ability to quickly and accurately diagnose a player's swing faults, as well as develop programs for improvement have made him one of the game's most sought-after instructors.  Dale is the Director of Instruction at the BIGHORN Golf Club in Palm Desert, CA October-May and  the Director of Golf and Instruction at the Telluride Golf Club in Telluride, Colorado June-September.

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