Playing in the Wind: Headwind vs Tailwind

With Fall here and Winter approaching in many places, windy conditions tend to be more prevalent. Playing in the wind makes shooting lower scores harder partly due to judging how much the wind will affect any given shot. Did you know that a head wind can hurt the ball more than a tailwind can help? The amount can be even more than double at higher wind speeds. Please see the picture below, from TrackMan data that illustrates the differing amounts of help or hurt depending on wind speeds. When hitting into a headwind, your shots carry shorter, fly higher and come down at a steeper landing angle due to the extra lift and drag the headwind causes. Under calm conditions, the air is moving int

Five A Side

Become a more precise putter with this drill To become a better putter, you have to get used to focusing on smaller targets. Unlike hitting full-swing shots, where your target may be a certain part of the fairway, the green or sometimes a part of the green, putting requires you to be far more precise. A great drill that I like to use for dialing it in is to take five golf balls and put each of them on tees in a line (as you can see in the above photo). Space them near each other so they're about a finger-width apart. Next, comes the tricky part. I want you to roll a putt from about five feet and try and hit each tee, one at a time, and knock off one ball at a time, in any order you want. Thi

Throw Some Sand

One of the reasons so many folks struggle from the sand is that they don’t understand the importance of an open face at impact. This is especially critical around the greens and over deep-faced bunker edges where you need the ball to pop up in a hurry. By keeping the face open through impact, you’ll also make things easier, mainly because an open face adds a lot of bounce to the bottom of your wedge, thus preventing you from digging too deep into the sand. But how are you supposed to do that? The solution is simple. Instead of concentrating so much on where you are at impact, think more of the steps you need to take to get to the impact position with an open face. This means paying specific

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